instructions on seniority applicable? Employees with the knowledge that their spot in the workplace is secured will naturally become less likely to improve their working ethics as they

may no longer view improvement as a necessity. The inter se-seniority of sportsmen will be in the order of selection.14015/1/76-Estt.(D) dated.8.1980. On a combined reading of Rule 9 of the Excise Rules and Rule 23 and 24 of the Civil Services Rules, we are clearly of the view that promotion can be granted on retrospective basis to promotee officers from a date on which the clear-cut. Answer: The seniority of persons selected for appointment to different posts in the same grade requiring different qualifications is determined as per provisions of para.9.M. Yes, you must state the date for all ordinary and maritime employment with enterprises which follow the Main Tariff Agreement for the government, the municipalities (including the City of Oslo) and most enterprises in the finance sector. Seniority of an officer is determined as per order of merit given by upsc or selecting authority or panel of promotion given by DPC. Firstly, spots secured by seniority casts aside some of the most appealing perspectives. Municipality A then states wage seniority as being 1 January. How the seniority of the promotee officer is determined? The persons appointed as a result of earlier selection being senior to those appointed on subsequent selection.20011/1/2008-Estt.(D) dated. By which they were issued, prospectively. Answer: The seniority of candidates of two different panels received on the same date is determined by the following procedure: (i) Chronology of recommendation letter; (ii) Where the date of recommendation letter is same, chronology of Interview Board reports and (iii) Where both (i) and. Answer: The year of availability, both in case of direct recruit as well as promotee, for the purpose of rotation and fixation of seniority is actual date of appointment after declaration of result/selection and completion of pre-recruitment formalities, as prescribed. Lokur and Justice Deepak Gupta observed, rules in question clearly provide that not only vacancies should have been existing from an earlier date but the person to be granted retrospective promotion should have also been working against the post. 20011/1/2008-Estt.(D) dated 11th November 2010.

It is well settled that retrospective promotion to a particular group can violate Article 14 and 16 of the Constitution of India. In case both the panels are received on the same date. Interse seniority in particular grade, answer, answer. You should not specify wage truccare seniority for pensions or other nonemployment benefits. In working towards having a" Oct 27, super career, in this case, maratho"Estt.

If the employee has not changed categories, the date of the calculation is used as the end date.Length of service resembles seniority except that it uses career.

In the form of Frequently Asked Questions. M Dopt has issued a comprehensive Clarifications on various issues unanswered so far. Shall be determined as in the feeder grade from which ragazzo they are promoted.


In that year, irrespective of date of joining of candidate on compassionate appointment.Therefore, it is apparent that only the service rendered in a particular service, class, category or grade can be taken into consideration and not the service rendered in some other service, class, category or grade while determining the seniority, the court said, adding note-1.