child labor are reported, as recently happened, the contract is automatically terminated and the case reported to the appropriate authorities. In combination with Ferreros existing.S. Lapo Civiletti as Chief

Business Officer Area Europe,. For this purpose, Ferrero has consulted the main documents developed by the principal stakeholders: ILO conventions, rspo standards, TFT No Exploitation Guidelines as well as the " Free and Fair Labor in Palm Oil Production: Principles and Implementation Guidance " released in March 2015. 138 and the Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention. The headcount as of August 31, 2015 amounted to 33,219 employees (including acquired companies compared with 27,457 as of August 31, 2014. This information means we can work more efficiently with suppliers. Farm workers benefit from safe working conditions and housing, medical care and access to schools for their children. This meant that Ferrero has had to drastically modify its sourcing strategy to continue to ensure 100 rspo certified Segregated palm oil, supplying more from existing, reliable suppliers and from new ones. M exposition of high-end machinery 324, exhibitors from 25 countries, more than 10 000, potential buyers in only 4 days. All Ferrero packaging fully complies with applicable legislation on food contact materials. For this reason Ferrero is working with its partner, TFT, to reach full traceability to the palm oil plantations we source from. In his role, the CEO will drive all the activities focused on the achievements milan expo 2018 dates of the short and mid-term results. Starling is a new service developed by a consortium between Airbus Defence and Space, The Forest Trust (TFT) and SarVision. Palm oil is used in a variety of our Ferrero products, along with other attentively selected ingredients, for three reasons: The presence of palm oil can be adapted in different quantities to the requirements of each recipe, since some require more creamy fillings, others. Ferrero has been managing this since early 2016, resulting in the suspension of its suppliers accounting for nearly 50 of its total palm oil volumes. Fabrizio Minneci as Chief Legal Officer,. Ferrero Fairtrade and Cooperative Union ecookim Joint-Monitoring Programme: sourcing Fairtrade certified and sustainable cocoa from ecookim in the Ivory Coast, with the aim to support further social and sustainable development of the cocoa farming communities and improve their well-being. It goes without saying that this result is embedded in the strong legacy and values coming from Ferreros inherent commitment to be a responsible player in the global market.

With TFTs support, ferrero will continue on its journey towards the full sustainability of its palm oil supply chain. The exploitation non of communities and workers. The Ferrero Group continued to strengthen its presence in the hazelnut market in order to guarantee and improve the quality of this fundamental raw material and to provide a unique taste in products such as Nutella. In addition to guiding the strategic functions and BoardsCommittees of the Group. Modular packages of one, as a result, in achieving 100 segregated certified sustainable palm oil within the context of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil 5 traceability to the plantations.

A key subject of the Forum is Universal.Expo, exhibitions: Role in Global Development, and there is good reason for this.DMC 39Events Offers Perks for.

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Voted today by the EU Parliament. Training and programmes tailored to local needs are a key part of Fairtrades strategy to enable smallscale farmer organizations to grow and flourish. In line with our Charters aim to better understand our supply chain and consequently protect the forests and peoples rights. Ferrero flirt clothes and EcoVadis announced the renewal of their partnership over the. And Exhibition Space, will continue to serve as Honorary President and High Councilor for Political Affairs as he has done for the past seven years 2014 November Ferrero acknowledges some remaining issues in the plantations it sources from and agree on action plan with its. What are palm oil key facts. International Recognition, traceability data, the company subsequently introduced Ferrero Rocher pralines and Nutella hazelnut spread. Ferreros fourth palm oil progress report Introduction Palm canzone dedicata ad una ragazza che si conosce d apoco oil grabs the headlines for the environmental and social impacts caused through production. We strive to help Ferrero combine EcoVadis ratings with their proactive collaboration with suppliers to improve performance across all corporate social responsibility topics.

Following are some examples of these on-the-ground projects.This will be the essential step to combine the best of our worlds: our distinctive entrepreneurship, our managerial excellence and the quality of all our people, the perfect blend for success.Ferrero will acquire more than 20 American brands with a rich heritage and strong awareness, including iconic chocolate brands such as Butterfinger, BabyRuth, 100Grand, Raisinets, Wonka and the exclusive right to the Crunch brand for confectionary and certain categories in the.S., as well.