Background of the Narrative of Abraham This article began with the goal to discover the Mesopotamian background of the life of Abraham. This conclusion is crucial since if Abraham

is to be dated no later than Pepi I then Abraham would have lived during the Early Dynastic Period of Mesopotamia (more on all of this below). don't mention it! Quite simply, Shinar would have had to have been located somewhere besides southern Mesopotamia where so many scholars have placed the country. He notes that the name Shariginu in a text found at Ebla may be Sargon and that Akkad is mentioned as A-ga-duki EN (Matthiae 1977,. 58; Matthiae 1997,. Its no wonder that he preceded them as he is the messenger of their God. 12 This evidence indicates that the beginning of the Akkadian Empire could not have been any earlier than the reign belle of Pepi I and may have been later. If Abraham is to be dated earlier in Mesopotamian history then in what period did Abraham live in Mesopotamia? Introduction, mesopotamia was one of the earliest regions to be inhabited after the great Flood, and it was here that Abraham lived his early life.

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