production (01 to 31) 1975 - Present, This old style serial number will either be on the neck plate or impressed into the back of the headstock. The UV

plate numbers also changed to these consecutive plates and will be found on late UV7BK's in both green dot and silver. JS - JS series guitars built in Japan have a neck plate that is stamped with a consecutive number since production first began with no indication of date. 0 0, merci hillmore. Premium Serial Numbers - Prior to 11/2011 there are 5 digits followed by a letter. Z will be the year 2035. Jim had control of plate numbers 1-15 and used the #1 plate when he assembled what is considered his Donnie late in the 93' run A 2003' JS2000 I did this week had the plate number 010044 finally cracking 10,000 JS models built in Japan. Email, dating ibanez guitars, an Ibanez serial number can tell you two things, year of manufacture and factory or country of manufacture. 160225 was a very odd plate number I came across on a Jem. Stamped Serial Number - 5 digit number found on the back of the headstocks on aanj usac models. Most that I'm aware of are what I call 250k plates 25* and current 2003' FP15th's have 260K plates 26* meaning there have been over 10,000 Jem's made since they deviated from the serial plate numbering. There are many variables of numbering through these years and between different models and are broken down into 3 categories, stickers, plates, and the impressed numbers that follow the old school style detailed above. Until 1977 Maxon used 5 digit serials: 1st character is a production code (1,2,3, etc., maybe related to different production location) 2nd ragazza character indicates the year of production (21972, 31973, etc.) 3rd character indicates the month of production (0January, 1February. First Fret Fontanilla Charles Fox Froggy Bottom Guitars Fury Guitars G L Gazer Guitars Gibson Goodall Gretsch Featured Products Guild Hamer Heritage Hollenbeck Ibanez KB Guitars Basses David ng Bass Guitar Systems Lacey Lakewood Langejans Larrivee (Click Here To See What Folks Are Saying About. Or visiblement, la mienne est plus vieille. LA060493 - Indicates Los Angeles manufacture on June 6, 1993 Steve's Triple Neck Endorsee guitars built in Bensalem were pre aanj and would typically get a specific model plate,. They would no longer be restricted to using a specific plate in a specific year and any batch of plates would be good forever. 9October,.November, XDecember) 4th and 5th character is the day of production (01 to 31). These might be in a different color, have different inlays, or whatever other spec made it different. Here is the breakdown courtesy of Ibanez Collectors World. 00 is a 90 90 is a 90 91 is a 91'. . Typically you'll find serial numbers that indicate production the year or years before the guitar became officially available. RG750/60/60 - radius - saber - power These guitars will either have Bensalem or North Hollywood plates depending on year, pre 91' will be Bensalem, post 91' will be North Hollywood. Your serial number could be for a year long after your guitar was available. The first 2 digits indicate year and the last 4 indicate a consecutive production number for usac's. For verification the neck should be pulled and the factory model designation stamps used in addition to the specs.

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Please not that there perri are variation of this rule and the above will not hold true for all guitar" Aider, donnie that I will always consider Jim Donahueapos. There is no master list to correlate to a model number. Au lu sur le site cort que les deux premiers chiffres correspondaient à lapos.

Your guitar (hard to say without pictures) could be from the Eighties up until this millennium.Quality could be from beginner (plywood) level up to something very well made.I agree that the serial will be of no help to you in dating.

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JS model, sTW 76 Double neck Oddly these used JS plates in the 006000 range from memory. Cort Serial Numbers Cort serial numbers are denoted with a C prefix followed by either 7 enya tour dates or 8 digits. Except for the very first batch of 90apos.

In early 2005 Cort serial numbers gained an extra identification digit, and so some models manufactured after this date are in the style of yymmxxxxx.Just because a P1 is not available in the US in 97' doesn't mean it wasn't still available in France.Iggs Rick Turner Vigier WM Guitars Warrior Warwick Washburn Wittman-Spins Xotic Home Guitar Dates Guitar Polish Guitar Polishing Cloth Kits Guitar Strings.