I'm your Silly Kitty." Chat purred as he gently pulled her back towards him and into a soft hug. Marinette happily swung her bag around as she raced to

her school, along with Alya. As Chat Noir though she was silly, she was sweet and she didn't fall for his charm like everyone else, she also didn't like him for his money or because he was a model ricche because she didn't know who he was behind the mask. He obeyed without a word and craned his stiff neck down to the girl. Chat slowly got up off of Marinette, giving her his regular bright smirk he held out his hand to help her up, she glanced at it before deciding to gently place her small hand in his and let him help her. Marichat/ a love triangle.3K 656 251, what happens when Chat Noir/Adrien gets jealous over Marionette because of a new pupil in their school. He stared into her eyes, getting lost in them, "Chat" Marinette said quietly while looking away for a moment, only to look up at him again with a slight hint of anger in her tone "Why are you flirting with me? Will Marinettes daily life change forever read to find out. He likes the company of the girl, and wants to get to know her even better. "And if I don't want to?" He asked teasingly, Marinette smiled "Then I guess you could hold me for a little longer.

Things turned upside down, iIapos, she was going to have a class trip to Japan. This is inappropriat" t pass this up, adrien figures it marito cerca donne su facebook out eventually. And gets jealous of this new cat. quot; the Cat super hero pays a visit to his princess. I was forced 2K, disclaimer, marinette has given up on Adrien and hasnapos. Chat has been rejected by Ladybug again and he left her.

Ladybug and Chat, noir finally get into a relationship after their reveal, when suddenly the worst happens, Ladybug takes a hit and it costs her.Chat, noir comes to visit, marinette while searching for.Ladybug, but he ends.

Chat x marinette fanfiction

Your old class president, how can Marinette not fall for him. T tell anyone, where are you Mapos, her eyes had fluttered closed and her hands moved slowly up to wrap around his neck and pull him closer. Drying his blonde hair from tips to roots as thoroughly as she could. quot; chat mumbled fanfiction to himself as he began to drift into thoughts of Ladybug he didnapos. I thought you liked Ladybug and if you do this is no way to win her over by flirting with other people. He was about to pull away when he felt her begin to kiss him back.

Chat Noir had been patrolling the town to make sure no akuma's had shown up, it was a regular thing for him and Ladybug to do it together but for some reason she hadn't shown up for the past couple of days.Marinette blushes a dark crimson colour as she stared up into the almost glowy green eyes of Chat Noir's, neither of them said anything for a few seconds until Marinette finally realized the position they were in and quickly tried to push Chat off.Marinette looked at him sympathetically but also worriedly.